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Guided tour to explore the garden that stretches behind the sixteenth-century Ca’ Dolfin-Marchiori.

It is the most impressive and extensive example of an eclectic nineteenth- century garden in the province of Rovigo. The creator of the entire project was, in the second half of the 19th century, the then-owner Domenico Marchiori (1828-1905).

The author placed winding paths, unusual and evocative structures with the aim of constantly surprising the visitor’s eyes. To complement the architecture, he wanted to create astonishing natural theaters. Furthermore, by harnessing a derivation from the nearby Adigetto, he gave life to a small river that opens into sudden bodies of water capable of forming islets, such as the one dedicated to the muse of poetry, or delineating strictly geometric surfaces like the vast circular lawn.


Saturday 21st october


In the afternoon


Giardino storico di Ca’ Dolfin Marchiori

Via Garibaldi, 26, Lendinara (RO)


0425 605667 or contact 388 4478526 also on

Why choose this experience

  • The opportunity to immerse oneself in a place that preserves its original atmosphere from the mid-19th century.
  • The chance to discover a rare botanical richness.
  • The opportunity to access a site that is open to the public only on special occasions.

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The experience includes guided access to the garden.

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only cash


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