Plan your Giornata delle Ville Venete weekend using our suggested itineraries.

 Whether you’re looking to dedicate a whole weekend to the GVV, or one day combining several experiences in nearby villas, discover our itinerary suggestions.

 Not what you’re looking for? Let your imagination lead you! Discover all the experiences, choose the ones you prefer and compose your perfect itinerary.

The secrets, nobility and wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia

A full day exploring the Friuli region to learn about the Venetian Villas through visits, tastings, stories and secrets

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The Venetian Villas: where Handicrafts and Mindfulness meet

A Sunday dedicated to art. Observe, build, learn and have fun in Venetian Villas situated in Vicenza and Venice.

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A weekend dedicated to discovering the Heritage of the Venetian Villas in the Province of Treviso

An immersive experience with the opportunity to stay in a Venetian Villa and sample its produce. Explore seven Villas over two days and discover the history of the Venetian Republic

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Enjoy a fun-filled educational experience with a family-friendly weekend in the Venetian Villas!

A memorable Saturday and Sunday to explore the Venetian Villas through games, music and the beauty nature in the Province of Padua

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