A weekend dedicated to discovering the Heritage of the Venetian Villas in the Province of Treviso

WEEKEND ITINERARY (1 or 2 nights)
Villas visited:
 7 Villas in 2 days
Experiences: 1 Dream + 1 Wine&Food + 5 Heritage
Km travelled: 173 km in two days

Date*: one or two nights from Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October 2023. We recommend a two-night stay.



Morning: Villa Maser “Breakfast in a Villa” (8.30) or guided tour “Exploring the Villa and its Tempietto” (10.30) Heritage, or
Late morning: Villa Sandi “Classic Experience” (11.30) Wine&Food
Early afternoon: Villa Chiminelli “Discovering the Heritage of the Villas” (2.00 pm) Heritage, or

Afternoon: Villa Lattes “Guided tours with working Music Boxes” (3.00 pm) Heritage



Morning: CASA MORETTI & PALAZZO ZAMBALDI “The twins of Piazza Roma” (10.00) Heritage

Lunch: CastelBrando restaurant

Afternoon: Villa Pera at Gaiarine “Guided tour” (3.00 pm) Heritage


* This date is recommended to allow you to combine the proposed experiences

Start your itinerary with a visit to Villa Maser, a Venetian Villa and UNESCO World Heritage Site, with their exclusive “Breakfast in a Villa” experience, enjoying an enchanting breakfast surrounded by the splendour of Paolo Veronese’s frescoes. Or explore the Villa with the “Exploring the Villa and its Tempietto” guided tour, where you can enjoy an exclusive visit to the Tempietto, the architect Andrea Palladio’s final masterpiece.

If you’ve chosen the early morning “Breakfast” option, we suggest adding another wonderful experience in a second Palladian-style Villa. Choose the “Classic Experience” in nearby Villa Sandi and enjoy a tour of the ancient barrel room dating back to 1700, where prestigious red wines are patiently aged in French oak barriques.

In the early afternoon, head to Castelfranco Veneto, which is just 30 km from Villa Maser and Villa Sandi, to Villa Chiminelli and enjoy the “Discovering the Heritage of the Villas” experience. An exclusive tour in the company of the Villa’s owners who will help you discover the Heritage of the Villas. Through stories, interesting facts and anecdotes, they’ll describe key moments in the history of this residence, which has been passed down through generations and protected with passion. Alternatively, you could visit the Villa Lattes museum and its collection of working musical boxes, the personal collection of Bruno Lattes himself. Book your Guided tours with working Musical Boxes.


Set off early Sunday morning and explore the ancient village of Cison di Valmarino. Sign up for the “The Twins of Piazza Roma” tour and visit the town’s two villas CASA MORETTI & PALAZZO ZAMBALDI, which reside together in the same building.  During this unique guided tour, you’ll discover Casa Moretti, Brandolini, Marcello (today Villa Marcello Marinelli), a historic late-16th-century building with a 100-year-old horse chestnut tree in its central courtyard, followed by the secret rooms of Palazzo Zambaldi, now a municipal building.

At the end of your visit, you can take the Cison di Valmarino cable car up to CastelBrando and enjoy lunch in the castle’s restaurant whilst admiring the splendid views of the surrounding hills.

And to round off your Venetian Villas weekend in style, don’t miss one last afternoon’s Guided Tour to Villa Pera in Gaiarine, a late 17th-century Villa that’s been owned by a single family throughout its history. During the tour, you’ll explore the Villa’s gardens, barchesse, cellars, granaries and museum of rural life.



Suggested places to stay:

VILLA TIEPOLO PASSI – “Life in a Villa”

A weekend stay in the Villa’s ancient guesthouse, discovering its architecture. The centuries-old atmosphere will spark your creativity as you hand craft your very own souvenir under the expert guidance of an artist.

An authentic, memorable and relaxing creative experience in a venue rich in art, nature and history, with the warmth of a traditional hospitality.


CASTELBRANDO – “Stay including breakfast and spa”

Experience a magical night immersed in the history of CastelBrando, while staying in one of our enchanting classic rooms. Treat yourself to a unique experience, surrounded by the charm of centuries past, and let the medieval walls and Renaissance atmosphere ignite your imagination. Wake up to a delicious breakfast (included) and commence your day in perfect style. Then head off to explore the wonders of CastelBrando and the stunning beauty of the surrounding area, where nature and history are melded in perfect harmony. Plus, enjoy an exclusive moment of total relaxation in our luxury spa. Take time out to pamper yourself, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the castle. This offer is a unique opportunity to create enduring memories, surrounded by a venue steeped in history and beauty. Spend a dream night with us and let the magic of CastelBrando enchant you.

Proposed experiences

Villa di Maser

Colazione in Villa

Villa di Maser

Tra Villa e Tempietto

Villa Sandi

Esperienza classica

Villa Chiminelli

Discovering the Villa Civilization

Villa Lattes

Visite guidate con carillon funzionanti

Casa Moretti & Palazzo Zambaldi

The twins of Piazza Roma

Villa Pera

Guided tour


Stay with breackfast and spa entrance

Villa Tiepolo Passi

Villa living

Vi ricordiamo che l’esperienza è ideata e organizzata interamente dalla Villa pertanto per prenotare o richiedere informazioni dettagliate è necessario contattare quest’ultima. IRVV e AVV non sono direttamente responsabili dell’attività svolta nelle ville né delle eventuali modifiche organizzative che si dovessero rendere necessarie. Sarà discrezione della Villa stessa accogliere e organizzare al meglio l’attività proposta.

We remind you that the experience is designed and organized entirely by the Villa, therefore to book or request detailed information you must contact the latter. IRVV and AVV are not directly responsible for the activity carried out in the villas nor for any organizational changes that may become necessary. It will be at the discretion of the Villa itself to welcome and organize the proposed activity in the best possible way.

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